Monty and Rose have each traveled over a thousand miles to reach the Lake Michigan shore in Chicago – Piping Plovers have not nested there in some 70 years.  With skycrapers in the background, Monty scratches a nest for Rose.  But the beach is full of dangers – storms and high water levels, dogs, birds of prey, and most of all, people.  Will Monty and Rose be able to hatch their chicks and keep them safe until they take their first flight?

Monty and Rose Nest at Montrose is a 32-page soft cover picture book, suitable for children ages 2-8 yrs old, and anyone who loves Piping Plovers in general and Monty and Rose in particular.

Rose and Monty are back at Montrose, but the beach is deserted and quiet.  What happened?  They nest and all is going well, until, in the middle of the night, a loud object crashes into the protective cage.  Will the eggs survive?  Later, news breaks from up North, leading Monty to take action.  Follow these beloved Chicago Piping Plovers through their return to Montrose.

Anna-Maria Crum started writing and illustrating her stories when she was seven years old. Today she’s an award-winning illustrator and the author of 22 grade school readers. When she’s not working, she’s busy playing fetch with her dog, Tucker, and teaching him what things he can jump up on (couches, chairs, bed, laps) and what he can’t (tables, kitchen counters, stove, and window ledges). Readers can look for him in one of the illustrations in Monty and Rose Nest at Montrose (hint, he’s the one in front).

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