Ordering Information
One hundred percent (100%) of the net proceeds from the sales of Monty and Rose Nest at Montrose will be donated by Plovermother and Monty and Rose, LLC, to support research and conservation efforts of Piping Plovers and shorebirds.  To learn more about the conservation research project to be funded, visit our Book-funded Conservation page.

As such, all sales efforts are geared towards minimizing expenses and fees, such as fees collected by credit card companies and third-party payment processors.  Likewise, the book will not be available initially via popular ordering sites, as they can request up to 60% of the sales of the book as their fees.

Please note that Monty and Rose, LLC, is not a not-for-profit organization, and the purchase of the book is not tax-deductible.

Payments accepted will be check, Quickpay by Zelle (via your bank account, only email address or phone number is needed), or Venmo.  Credit cards and PayPal are not accepted.

To order, simply email the author at contact@plovermother.com and include:

– your name

– email address,

– mailing address,

– telephone number,

– the quantity of books you would like to order, and

– your desired method of payment (payment instructions will be provided in an invoice).

Donation of Books to Chicago-area children:

Monty and Rose, LLC, would like to make Monty and Rose Nest at Montrose accessible to as many children in the greater Chicago area as possible.  We have partnered with Birds in my Neighborhood®, a program offered by openlands, to provide them with donated copies of Monty and Rose Nest at Montrose for distribution to children and families in the program.  If you would like to donate copies of the book to Birds in my Neighborhood®, please include the number of copies to be donated in your order e-mail and specify that they are for donation.  These books will not be shipped to you, they will be donated directly by Plovermother with a note indicating the donor. 


– Price per book: $18.50

– Shipping: $3.90

– Taxes: $1.90

Shipping will only be charged once when multiple copies are ordered and shipped to the same address.


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